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AmazonWS - Multiple AWS & Associate Account Option

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3 years 3 months ago #3520 by mindmankind
I contacted Amazon support to find out if I use my Canadian associates account to refer sales to the American .COM website if I will get credit for those referrals and they indicated to me that I would need to sign up for an American .COM associates account and that my AWS account (and email for both) will need to match my Associates account.

I've tried to change my keys and secret keys, and information is overlapping and things aren't displaying or working correctly.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have the option to select which Associates account and related AWS account you want to use during searches using the editor button.

For instance... a drop down that will let you select.

My Canadian Associates Account + My Canadian AWS account
My American Associates Account + My American AWS account

right now it seems to be mixing these up since I tried to change the keys and now I have tons of work to do to rectify the issue.

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3 years 3 months ago #3523 by boggler
To the best of my knowledge you only require one AWS account to access the Amazon product advertising API. There is no reason to have a separate AWS account for Canadian and US sites.

In order to be credited for a sale on a Amazon site, eg, you normally need to be signed up to the affiliate system for that site, and supply the appropriate tag in the links for the products

eg for canada the affilate system is at
the us at

The affiliate sites are separate for each country, so having an account on one doesn't mean that you have an account on any of the others, you will have to create each account separately. But you should be able to use the same email address for all the affiliate sites so I don't see why there is a problem.

If they require that you use the same email address for the affiliates account as for AWS, then you should still be able to use the same email address for all the affiliate accounts, so I don't see why you need to have a separate AWS account for each country. It doesn't really seem sensible, and you seem to be creating a lot of problems for yourself by trying.

So I don't think that we will be making the modification that you are asking for. I really doubt if Amazon want you to have a separate AWS account for each country, it is just not the way to do things.

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3 years 3 months ago #3524 by boggler
Since you asked me the question, I have been doing some research into this question. I cannot find anything that suggests that you need multiple AWS accounts in order to display results from more than one country. The thing is that AWS is not a country-specific service, it is a multi-purpose site that allows you to access many different Amazon APIs, not just the product advertising API.

Some interesting information can be found here: , in the section 'Use the Correct AWSAccessKeyId'. It does not seem that using the same email address as for your affilitate account is compulsory in order to be credited for a sale, the reason for using the same email is so that they can determine your usage limits - presumably they want to allow higher limits for accounts that make a lot of sales.

But in order to be credited with a sale the main requirement is simply that you supply your affiliate tag with the links, which our plugin always does. There are some additional requirements here: , but you will note that they say nothing about the AWS keys used, which is why I believe they do not actually affect whether or not you are paid.

So I think that you need to make life easier for yourself and use the same email address for all your affiliate accounts for the various countries, and have one AWS account, which uses the same email address. You could probably also use the same affiliate tag for both the US and Canada, since these all have the same -20 ending - you will need separate affiliate accounts for these countries, but you can probably create an identical tag in each account.

But if you are worried about the situation where a Canadian customer is referred by you to the site, but they later decide to buy a product from the site instead, Amazon will probably not credit you with the sale because they will not regard it as being part of the same session, I don't think there is anything you can do about it. The best you can do is to allow customers to select the Amazon country that they wish to see on your site, which the country selector module allows them to do. Then if they use your link to buy from you should be credited.

I hope that this clears things up for you. I have found that there is a problem getting sensible answers from Amazon on these kinds of questions, the people that they employ do not seem to have a technical knowledge of using the product advertising API, so they often misunderstand what you are asking and give stock answers. There is an Amazon developer forum which is often more useful.

So at the moment it does not seem like there is any reason to have separate access keys for the different country sites, though we would allow for this if it ever became necessary. It would be possible to modify the Amazon countries table to allow it to store the access and secret keys for each country securely. It would not be good to have these in a drop-down selector on the site though, because the secret key needs to remain secret, they would need to be looked up in the database entry for the current country.

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