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Upload and install as normal using the Joomla! installer.

Basic Usage

Once you have installed the component go to components->Googlebasexml on your admin menu. This will bring up a simple control panel for Googlebasexml.

Click the 'new' button to create a new feed. Under 'Details' you need to give it a name. This name will not be output in the feed, so you can give it a name that is most helpful to you.

On the basic options tab, for the title and description, supply the name of your store and a brief description.

The default options for the feed are set up so that for many stores that is all that you need to do. You have a feed that you can submit to Google.

Click 'Save and Close'.

Submitting the Feed to Google - Scheduled Upload

The URL will look something like this: This is the URL that you can submit to Google for scheduled upload. The feed will be dynamically generated so is automatically updated to reflect your current products.

Alternatively, if your products do not change often then you may just want to download the feed file, and upload it manually to Google.

Additional Options

While that is all that you absolutely have to do, there are some simple things that you can do to improve the quality of your feed with very little extra work.

Set the Default Google Category

One option that you are highly recommended to set is the default Google Category: this option is set on the 'Product Options' tab. Google product category must correspond exactly to the product taxonomy defined here:

For example: Food, Beverages & Tobacco > Food Items > Grains, Rice & Cereals.

There is no need to worry about escaping the > and & characters, this will be done automatically when the feed is generated. Alternatively you can use the numeric code for the category. Just paste your chosen value in the 'Default Google Category' field.

Make Sure that your Products Have GTINs

GTIN stands for Global Trade Identification Number. This is a unique product identifier for your product, it will normally be on the product label as the barcode number. These identifiers include UPC (in North America), EAN (in Europe), JAN (in Japan), and ISBN (for books). You can include any of these values within this attribute.

If you are using Virtuemart 2.6 (or above), supplying the gtin is straightforward, because Virtuemart includes a product gtin field, you just supply it in the product editor. The feed will automatically use this value.

 If your products do not have gtins, don't be tempted to make them up, this will not be accepted. For some items, such as one-off or vintage products a gtin would not be appropriate, in this case the feed will supply the special tag "identifier_exists" with a value of false.

More Information

You can find more detailed information on the product options in our documentation here:

If you have a large store (more than 1000 products) you may find this helpful: