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We are pleased to announce a new release, Version 3.10 of our AmazonWS content plugin for Joomla. This plugin allows you to embed product information and reviews and links from Amazon Web Services into your Joomla articles.

Version 3.10.0 is a maintenance release that includes two important new features:-

  1. It adds a one second delay after each contact to the Amazon server, to help reduce issues with Amazon throttling. This can increase page load times, however with the use of the plugin caching, the effect is not particularly noticeable. The delay is an option which can be turned off if preferred.
  2. It adds support for Amazon Power searches. These can be used with the "Books" search index, and are useful when you want to narrow search results by multiple criteria. For example, a Power search can create a single query for books by author, publication date, language, and format. You can read more about this here:



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