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We are happy to announce a new release of our extension, AS3 Manager. This extension package for Joomla! 3 allows you to manage your Amazon S3 objects and buckets from your Joomla admin. You can upload and delete objects, and create and delete buckets. You can create download files and packages (consisting of multiple files), for free or for sale. If you want to sell digital downloads you can use our download plugin for Virtuemart which is compatible with AS3 Manager.

The latest is a maintenance release which includes some new features. It concentrates on imroving the workflow, by making it much quicker to create downloads by bulk importing them into Joomla. Note that the files themselves remain hosted on your cloud host, by creating downloads you are creating a matching records in Joomla which allow you to control access to the files. Now you can do this for multiple files with a couple of clicks. The process is explained here.


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