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amazon logo2 smallWe are pleased to release a new version, 1.7.0, of our Amazon Shopping Cart extension for Joomla. This is a package of Joomla extensions based around our AmazonWS plugin, that allows you to create a complete Amazon store on your Joomla website.

This is a maintenance release that includes some important new features:-

  • Adds support for Easy Blog in Similar Products plugin
  • Adds option to limit product title length for similar items
  • Fixes meta keywords and description in component views
  • Adds new Amazon Cart Icon module
  • Adds storage of cart data to Joomla session
  • Adds new Amazon Showcase module
  • Makes the initial setup of the extension more user friendly
  • Improves the router
  • Adds optional delay to the Amazon REST requests, to help with throttling
  • Adds option to refresh page when there are no results due to a failure to contact the server
  • Sets the browser title to the product name when the page is an internal link

The new version includes two new modules: the Amazon Showcase module, and the Amazon Cart Icon module.

Showcase Module

The showcase module offers a simple way to showcase up to 10 selected Amazon products in a slideshow.


Cart Icon Module

The cart icon module provides a way of displaying summary cart information accessed through hovering over the icon, with a link to the main cart page.

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