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We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.2 of our Tags Match module for Joomla!. Tags Match allows you to display in a module Joomla items selected by tag. It works with the Joomla Core Tags component.

In the new release we concentrated on making the module output look more attractive, by introducing some optional styles: a simple column layout, and a grid layout. You can see examples of these layouts here:

All the layouts and effects are created using css, with no javascript, so that makes them very efficient. The effects are supported in all modern browsers, and as far back as Internet Explorer 10. In our tests the module output renders very acceptably in earlier browsers, just without the transition effects.

This module is a free download, it is also 100% open source, and is released under the GPL license, as all our extensions are.

You can find out more, and download here:


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