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Spiral Image Zoomer logoWe are happy to announce the new release of version 2 of our Spiral Image Zoomer plugin for Virtuemart. This plugin allows you to add a nice image zoomer to your Virtuemart product page. It displays a medium sized image, when the customer hovers over the image a magnified version of the image is displayed in a floating window, allowing the customer to inspect product details.

Version 2 includes some useful enhancements to the plugin. Now it can be used in a variety of ways: as a Virtuemart custom field; as a Joomla content plugin (allowing the zoomer to be automatically generated for all Virtuemart products; or as a custom event plugin, if you want to use it in a template or module.

The new release is designed to make usage as simple as possible, so it can be as straightforward as installing the plugin and then enabling it.

You can read more about the plugin here, and see some examples here.


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