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Fake News, we hate it. Grrr!

But seriously, it is a real threat to democracy if no-one knows what information can be trusted any more. Google have come up with what they think is a solution, their Fact Check data type, see for more information. If you have a web page that reviews a claim made by others, you can include a ClaimReview structured data element on your web page. This element enables Google Search results to show a summarized version of your fact check when your page appears in search results for that claim.

Who knows if this is really going to help, but considering that Google created a lot of the problem in the first place then it might help improve things. It is certainly good that they are trying.

To help with this, we made a new plugin for Wordpress that makes this easy, by creating a custom post type that includes all the data fields that you will need, and automatically generating the structured data that Google requires.

You can download the plugin from the Wordpress repository,


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