We have a new release of our AS3 Cloud File Manager extension. The latest release is 2.5, and now supports Dropbox as well as Amazon S3. This extension allows you to manage your cloud hosted files through your Joomla admin, and make them available as download packages, either for free, for restricted Joomla user groups (through the standard Joomla ACL), or for sale.

If you want to sell your files, our paid download plugin for Joomla and Virtuemart works with the AS3 Manager extension to allow you to do this.We have a new release of this plugin available too: version 1.7 adds support for selling Dropbox files as well as Amazon S3, by selling  AS3 Manager Manager download packages as Virtuemart products. The Spiral Download  plugin is designed to allow you to offer paid downloads as products for sale in Virtuemart, by allowing you to attach the download package to the product as a custom field. It allows you to restrict either the number of downloads, the time limit on downloads, or both.

Plugin Features:-

  1. Supports both files hosted on your own server and cloud hosted files on Amazon S3 or Dropbox;
  2. The customer can only download the file once payment is confirmed;
  3. Downloads can be restricted either by number of downloads or time period - or both;
  4. Download entitlements can be edited for individual customer orders, for example you can increase the number of downloads a particular customer is entitled to;
  5. Download restrictions are applied to the custom field not the downloaded file, so you can change the file, for example, if you want to release a new version;
  6. Download security, customers  are not able to download anything they are not entitled to by manipulating the file id.
  7. You can attach as many downloadable files as you want per product;
  8. The plugin supports either a simple file download, or display/play in the browser (eg for JPEGS or MP3 files)
  9. The plugin can simulate file streaming, you can set a maximum download speed, useful to reduce the load on the server if you have a lot of downloads or big files

You can read more about and buy the plugin here.

You can read the plugin tutorial here for a fuller description.