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A few people have asked us whether Amazon's closure of its aStore affects our Amazon extensions. The answer is 'no', our Amazon Shopping Cart and AmazonWS content plugin both use the Amazon Product Advertising API, which is an entirely different service.

If you read what Amazon say about the reasons for its retirement ( it is very interesting:-

It is proven that you earn the most with highly engaging and interactive content on your pages. aStore enabled only a curated listing of Amazon products which typically meant aStore sales had very little contribution to the overall sales generated by associate links.

There was no meaningful way to weave content around the lists created using aStore.

Basically sites that just show a list of Amazon products gain very little interest from search engines, you need to provide added value to your users while including Amazon product links in the content. This is exactly what our Amazon extensions are designed to do, as the core is the AmazonWS content plugin which is specifically designed to place the links in Joomla articles, and within the content of other extensions that support Joomla content plugins, such as K2 and Easy Blog.

You can read more about the Amazon Product Advertising API here.


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