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We have released a new update of our 'Mail This Page' module. This is a module extension for the Joomla 1.5 CMS. It allows a site visitor to mail the URL of the current page to a friend - a great viral marketing tool.

The latest version, 1.1.0, includes improved language support, and includes extended URL detection to bypass an occasional Joomla bug that prevents the correct URL being mailed.

Download Here

Updated 'Mail This Page Module'

In response to popular demand our Joomla articles modules, Featured Items Pro and Featured Items Carousel now support K2, the powerful content component for Joomla.

Our modules can display an extract from the article intro text plus an image thumbnail in a variety of formats. The module can take the article info from the Joomla core content component, from Mighty Extensions Resources, and now K2. The thumbnails can use either the K2 image field or an image embedded in the article text.

The modules also support a range of other sophisticated features, including image caching and content plugins. Read More..

Our featured items range of modules are designed to give you the flexibility that you need in displaying Joomla articles.

They allow you to display selected Joomla articles in a variety of formats, including tab panes, accordions, carousels and slideshows. The modules are designed to allow you the greatest possible flexibility in the way you select your Joomla articles, either selecting from one or more categories or sections, or displaying your chosen list of articles. These articles can be displayed in a variety of orderings, and you can choose the exact amount of text to display, ranging from a short extract to the entire article text. You also control whether or not to display a thumbnail, and the thumbnail size.

The modules also have a number of other useful features, including the ability to dynamically resize and cache images, and to trigger content plugins. As well as displaying content from the Joomla Core Content component, the modules can display articles from Mighty Extensions Resources, and we plan to support additional CCKs in the future.

Featured Items Suite


As a special offer you can buy the complete suite in a single pack for a bargain price of £35.00. For this you get: mod featured items, mod featured items pro, mod featured items carousel, mod featured items slideshow and mod newstab. Plus as a bonus you get two of our other Joomla extensions, com jigsaw (a Flash puzzle game for Joomla) and mod random mp3 (an mp3 player module).

Read More

Our latest extension is the Master User Plugin for Joomla 1.5. This plugin for the Joomla CMS allows selected administrators to log into registered user accounts using their own administrator passwords.

Optionally this facility can be restricted to selected administrators only, or all administrators can be allowed to do this.

Since administrators use their own passwords these are encrypted and stored securely in the database as normal, so this should not compromise the security of your site. Additionally you can restrict the facility to selected IP addresses only.

This plugin works with the standard Joomla login and extensions that use this, and will also work with Community Builder if the Login Field Type is set to 'Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins'.

Master User Plugin for Joomla

Spiral Scripts now have our own channel on Youtube. You can find us at


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