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We have a new release, version 2.1.5 of our VM Product Snapshot Pro plugin for Virtuemart.

This content plugin for Joomla and Virtuemart allows you to embed Virtuemart product information directly into a Joomla article, the custom HTML module and other extensions that support Joomla content plugins, such as K2.

You can see examples here

This is a maintenance release which adds support for the Joomla updater. Note that you will still need to log into your account and download the plugin in order to update, due to the limitations in the Joomla update manager it is not possible to make one-click updates available. However you will be notified through the update manager when an update becomes available.

The update also fixes a javascript error which affected the slideshow layout.


We have a new release of our popular Master User plugin. This plugin for Joomla allows administrator users to log into the front end of their site as another registered user, and is compatible with Joomla 2.5.and 3.

The new release, version 2.3.1, is a maintenance release which fixes the plugin constructor to be compatible with PHP 7. That is the only new thing. It is advisable to update in order to be compatible with future releases of Joomla and PHP.

You can read more on the download page.

A few people have asked us whether Amazon's closure of its aStore affects our Amazon extensions. The answer is 'no', our Amazon Shopping Cart and AmazonWS content plugin both use the Amazon Product Advertising API, which is an entirely different service.

Amazon aStore

googlebaseWe are happy to make a new release of our GooglebaseXML product feed for Joomla and Virtuemart. Version 4.6.24 is a maintenance release which includes some bug fixes and new features, the main one being that it adds an option to use meta description and custom page title (custom title and metadesc fields in the Virtuemart database) for items instead of product description and product name. The advantage of using these is that they can be cleaner, if you want to avoid using HTML in the product description (which Google prefer), then you can use the meta description which is plain text.

New Version 4.6.24 of GooglebaseXML Shopping Feed

Spiral Image Zoomer logoWe are happy to announce the new release of version 2 of our Spiral Image Zoomer plugin for Virtuemart. This plugin allows you to add a nice image zoomer to your Virtuemart product page. It displays a medium sized image, when the customer hovers over the image a magnified version of the image is displayed in a floating window, allowing the customer to inspect product details.

Version 2 includes some useful enhancements to the plugin. Now it can be used in a variety of ways: as a Virtuemart custom field; as a Joomla content plugin (allowing the zoomer to be automatically generated for all Virtuemart products; or as a custom event plugin, if you want to use it in a template or module.

The new release is designed to make usage as simple as possible, so it can be as straightforward as installing the plugin and then enabling it.

You can read more about the plugin here, and see some examples here.


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