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Sometimes we get asked why we do not develop a module that can display Amazon products? The answer is that there is really no need, this can already be done very simply by using the Joomla custom html module. Remember that this module allows you to display any html markup that you like in a Joomla module position, and it supports content plugins.

This is perfect for displaying the results of the AmazonWS content plugin. You can put the plugin shortcode in the custom html module text, as in this screenshot:

custom html module

 Even better, if you are using the 'pro' version of the plugin then you can use the Amazon Product editor button to search the Amazon database and add the shortcode for you.

The only thing that you need to remember is to make sure that you enable the 'prepare content' option in the custom html module options tab, like so.

custom html module

If you want a more fancy display for the products, our Amazon Shopping Cart extension now includes the Amazon showcase module, which displays the products in a simple slideshow with transition effects.


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