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Spiral Image Zoomer for Virtuemart

Image Zoomer plugin for Virtuemart products

This plugin allows you to add a nice image zoomer to your Virtuemart product page. It displays a medium sized image, when the customer hovers over the image a magnified version of the image is displayed in a floating window, allowing the customer to inspect product details. It is possible to include multiple images in the zoomer, which are selectable by clicking a thumbnail image. For example this allows you  to show your product from a variety of positions, then allow the customer to select the position to view. Optionally it can also display the large image in a popup when the zoomer is clicked.

The plugin can handle Virtuemart product variants that have their own image: when the variant image is loaded the zoomer will automatically re-load.


The plugin has two themes:

  • lens shows a nice lens image when the image is hovered over, showing the portion of large image that will be viewable in the window
  • minimal replaces the lens image with a simple transparent rectangle

There are a variety of zoomer display types available, including standard and reverse, drag, inner zoom, and always on. See the examples for further information. The display is quite customizable, the sizes of the medium and thumbnail images are optional, as is the size and the position of the zoom window. It is possible to have the zoomer always on, or only visible when the image is hovered over.

Flexible Operation

 Plugin operation is highly flexible: it can be used as a Joomla content plugin, a Virtuemart custom field (which allows you to use it only for selected products, and upload your own images, or a custom event plugin.

These each have their advantages:-

  • As a Joomla content plugin: the advantage is simplicity, the zoomer can be automatically generated for all Virtuemart products, operation is as simple as installing and enabling the plugin;
  • As a Virtuemart custom field: the advantage is that you can choose exactly which products you want to display the zoomer, by attaching it to the product as a custom field, and also you can upload extra images to display in the zoomer if you wish;
  • As a custom event plugin: you can use the zoomer anywhere you want (for example in a module) by triggering a custom event.

Replacing the Virtuemart Images

It is possible to replace the product main image with the image zoomer, either automatically through javascript, or through some simple editing of the Virtuemart template. We describe how here.

View Example View Documentation

System Requirements

The plugin is compatible with Virtuemart 2 and 3, and Joomla 2.5 and 3