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Modules for the Joomla Content Management System.

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Joomla Modules

Tags Match Module

This module for Joomla 3+ displays items selected by tag.

Amazon Shopping Cart

Amazon shopping cart for your site.

Virtuemart HTML5 Product Slideshow

This versatile module displays images for your Virtuemart products in an attractive HTML5 slideshow.

VM ModController Pro

This module gives you the control that you need over the display of any Joomla module on Virtuemart pages. One of the frustrating things about using Virtuemart is that it is not possible to assign modules to Virtuemart pages through the Joomla menu system. This module is designed to overcome this limitation.

Mod Newstab

Our newstab module allows you to display links to your Joomla news articles in a series of tabs, a format popular with many news websites.

Featured Items Slideshow

This module can display images from your Joomla! articles as a javascript slideshow, with a caption taken from the text, and a link to the articles. It can be used to quickly create an editable slideshow by loading images into a Joomla article.

Mod Virtuemart Featured Product Grid

This is an alternative to the Virtuemart featured products module. It displays product information and images, including additional images, in an attractive gallery, with two contrasting views: a grid and a list view.

Mod Articles Count

A module that counts the number of articles in a category.

Mod Random FLV Pro

A module extension for the Joomla CMS. It plays a random list of flv video files using the Flash media player.

Mod Featured Items

This is the entry-level version of the featured items module.

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